The Wonderful World of Bubbles

Be wowed and amazed by our Wonderful World of Bubbles.
Cj the Bubble Artist will take you through a wonderful discovery of the light and colours of Bubble Art.
She will show you how simple breath control can make a bubble spin and dance, use soap foam to create amazing flaming bubble sculptures or produce a cyclone inside a bubble. Is anyone hungry? Watch as Cj creates her very own Ice Kachang Bubble!

Cj has different shows to suit different audiences and different venues, whether indoors or out.

    Magical Bubble Show (20-40 mins) S$500.00
    Indoor events ONLY

    This is an interactive show where Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’ uses audience members to help her perform tricks with soap bubbles.
    For the finale she'll place the guest of honor inside a mega bubble. So have your cameras ready!
    It's perfect for birthday parties, office parties or family day events.

  • with Cj Bubble Girl
  • 30-40 mins of Magic Bubble Tricks
  • plus 10 mins Cake cutting & Happy Birthday song with Cj the 'Bubble Girl'
  • Tricks can include:-

    • Caterpillar, Bouncing Bubbles
    • Birthday Cake bubble & Flower bubble
    • Helium bubbles & Smoke filled bubbles
    • Square bubble, Spinning Spaceship
    • Giant bubble display
    • Hula Hoop bubble & Ribbon bubble Dance
    • Planet & Spinning Star bubbles
    • Guest of Honour inside a bubble

  • Add in Dry ice bubbles @ additional $50.00

Video Clip: View Bubble Show Video

Indoor event only
IMPORTANT Bubbles are very delicate and hate any breeze, especially from fans & air con units.
Please ensure all vents are directed away from bubble area & fans are turned off.
Or if central air con, please tape up vents.
Bubbles also hate cold dry rooms, please raise your air con temperatures. The more humidity the greater the bubbles!

Do not worry about any mess. We provide all our own plastic sheeting & floor cloths.
30 minutes set-up time required.

    The Amazine Bubble Extravaganza with 'Bubble Girl' (1.5hrs) S$650.00

    Do you want all of the above and the outdoors Giant Bubbles party?
    Well you can have it all! Combine our Magical Bubble Show and our Giant Bubble Party into one Amazine Bubble Extravaganza!
    for only $650.00. That's a $250 discount!

  • 30-40 mins Bubble Show (indoors)
  • 30 mins Add on Activity
  • 15 mins Cake Cutting Ceremony
    • Add on activity choose 1 from;
    • a. - 30 mins Giant Bubble making activity (outside)
    • b. - 30 mins Party Games
    • c. - 30 min Bubble-ology Workshop (max 24 pax, tables & chairs required)
    • d. - 30 min Kid in Bubble (take photos of your guests inside CJ's huge bubble)

  • 30 mins set-up time required

Giant Bubble Kits

  • Do you want to conintue bubbling after the party has finished?
  • Stumped for return gift ideas?
  • Want a special present for the birthday child?
    Then why not purchase our Giant Bubble Kits.

  • Junior Tri-String Kit (60cm long) inc 240ml bubble juice concentrate @ $25.00
  • Large Tri-String Kit (90-150cm long) inc 500ml bubble juice concentrate @ $35.00
  • Family Kit (inc 2x Junior Kits & 1x Large Kit) @ $80.00

  • 240ml Cj's Giant Bubble Juice Concentrate - makes 750ml of bubble juice @ $10.00 per bottle
  • 500ml Cj's Giant Bubble Juice Concentrate - makes 1.5 litre of bubble juice @ $16.00 per bottle
  • 5 litres Cj's Giant Bubble Juice ready mix @ $40.00

  • pre-order and we'll bring them along to your party, otherwise postage & packing applies

    Bubbles For Events

    Outdoors Bubble Show
    30 minute stage show

    Do you still want a Bubble Show, but your venue is outdoors / under Tentage? Well no problem!
    Cj has a different repertoire of Bubble tricks that can be performed out doors in a breezy environment.

    Tricks can include:-

  • Sword Bubbles & Poi Bubbles
  • Elephant Trunk Bubbles & Foamy Party Hats
  • Bubble Blowing Competition
  • Wand Bubbles - from her wand Cj will blow amazing bubbles and bubbles inside bubbles.
  • Mega Bubbles - with tri-string stick wand Cj will produce 6ft + mega sized bubbles to float up on the breeze.
  • Plus Dragon Net Bubbles,
    kids love to chase these ones!
  • Mingling with ‘Bubble Girl’
    30 minute set.
    Or can be split into 2x 15 min sets over 1hr total

    This is great for festivals, family days, or creating awareness for your shop or venue.
    Cj will pull in the crowd and bring focus to your event, launch or opening.

    Tricks can include:-

  • Sword Bubbles & Poi Bubbles
  • Wand Bubbles - from her wand Cj will blow amazing bubbles and bubbles inside bubbles.
  • Mega Bubbles - with tri-string stick wand Cj will produce 6ft + mega sized bubbles to float up on the breeze.
  • Video Clip: View Bubble Mingling Video

    Close-Up Bubbles (15-20 min set)
    Indoors ZERO Breeze Environment ONLY

    This is perfect for Cocktail Receptions, Weddings and/or table magic.
    Cj will reproduce some of her more complicated tricks such as:-

    • exploding volcano bubble
    • caterpillar bubble
    • cube & tetrahedron bubbles
    • invisible bubble
    • spinning carousel bubble
    • bubble inside a bubble
    • bubble ping pong

      Giant Bubble Playground (1hr) S$300.00
      Outdoors Only - Green Field or Rough Ground
      Perfect for family days and open days

    • 1x Fascilitator in company Tee
    • inc 6 Bubble Stations, with 3 different types of bubbles for your guests to try out
    • & 7 litres of 'CJ's Bubble Juice'
    • Additional Bubble Juice @ $30.00 per 5 litres

    • Delivery fee applies

      You-in-a-Bubble (3hrs) S$250.00
      Indoors ZERO Breeze Environment ONLY
      Perfect for events or large parties

      See your child, parent or friends enclosed in a huge bubble. Our facilitator will rise up the bubble wand to place you inside a giant bubble.
      Be ready with your camera to take a photo.

    • 1x Fascilitator in company Tee
    • 1m diameter Bubble Tray & Wand
    • giant circular
    • Plastic tarpauline & grey carpet
    • Balck Bacdrop on stand
    • Special Bubble Juice
    • Delivery fee applies
    • Technical requirements:- ZERO Breeze Environment ONLY

      Requires 30 mins installation time
      Can be in its own tentage, but must have closeable door way to stop all breeze.
      Level hard floor

    ‘Bubbleology Science Show’. Bubbles are not only just for fun but can also teach us about our world. Bubbles can teach us correct breath control, help us to refine our motor skills and improve our hand eye coordination. Bubbles can also teach us about light and the colours of the rainbow, mathematical and scientific formula. Architects are using bubbles to help design buildings with great internal spans. Currently bubbles are helping scientists to refine inkjet printing technology and discovering more about the big bang theory. So bubbles are not just play things, we can use them to help us learn about the world around us.

  • Science is Fun Bubb-ology Show
    For an older age group CJ can add in science facts and bubbl-ology facts
    She'll talk about aspects of the Life cycle of an butterfly. What gasess are in the air?
    Gravity, Volumes, Surface Tension, The Marangoni effect & The Young–Laplace equation; Interference & reflection.
    I'll include dry ice tricks - creating a bubble with out blowing and Erupting Geyser Bubbles

  • This show will also work to reinforce the Singapore Science Curriculum for Primary 1-6
    For school / assembly shows please contact us for a quotation

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