Super Hero & Boys Parties

Craft Activities
Making and Decorating
Super Hero Masks, Spider Webs

Animal Crowns - elephant, tiger, leopard and zebra
Lion Manes / Dinosaur Crowns
- all materials, sequins, glue & glitter provided

Colouring-in sheets

Crazy Hockey - in teams use our special sweepers (hockey sticks) to shoot & score
Egg Chase - in teams, race to collect up all your coloured ping-pong balls
Robbot claw Relay Race - in teams, use the claw, crawl through the tunnel and pick up a ball.
Web Chase - Spiderman will catch all the flies (children) in his net, tie them up and see who can un-tangle themselves the quickest!

Dog & Bone - 2 teams face each other. You can only run to pick up the ball if you number is called, or grab the bone to steal the ball from the other team.
Red Light Green Light - when Ben 10 back is turned creep up on him to steal his treasure ball. If he see you, you have to freeze.
Musical Super Heroes - musical chairs, but the continuous version - no one is out!
Musical Snake Congo - follow my leader Conga

Crazy Ball Sweep - in teams sweep up your ball into your basket.
Shrinking Islands - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper When the music stops they fold it in half and balance on it.
Musical Heroes - Musical chairs, but the continuous version - no one is out!
Super Hero Tails - crepe paper tails are tied around each child's waist. Children have to jump on each other's but protect their own at the same time. No hands!

Tunnel Racing - with a 4m long tunnel, race the hotwheels down. Best out of 3 goes, whose goes the furthest!
Champagne Winner - everyone gets a shake and birthday boy gets to spray the fizz around!
Grand Prix Balloon Race - each child pushes a balloon around a grand prix circuit
Burst Tire - each child has a balloon tied around one ankle the last one with an un-burst balloon is the winner!
The Mummy Game - 2 pit crew kids wrap up their injured driver-in loo rolls!

Light Saber Relay Race - armed with your light saber (long thin balloon) hit your mini death star (round balloon) to the finishing line.
Bash the Alien - 2 teams sit facing each other - 1 person is blind folded and given a foam bat. Their team mates have to shout out directions to the alien - the first to make it squeak wins!
Planet Bomb Toss - teams stand in pairs holding a towel - toss the water bombs down the conveyor belt of your team to the bucket at the end. How many can you collect - whole?
Death Star Volley Ball - using our giant beach ball.