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Dribbling Skills Relay - dribble round the cones and hand off your the next team mate.
5 A-side Football -
Fozzball (giant table top football) - each kid stands with one foot on a coloured circle, dotted around the football pitch. You can only kick with the other foot to score if the balls come within your reach.
Crazy Hockey - in teams use our special sweepers (hockey sticks) to shoot & score

Basket Ball Relay Race - pass the ball over & under down the team.
Basket Ball Dribbling Race - dribble the ball around the circles and back again.
Ping Pong Chase - in teams, race to collect up all your coloured ping-pong balls
Robbot claw Relay Race - in teams, use the claw, crawl through the tunnel and pick up a ball.

Dog & Bone - 2 teams face each other. You can only run to pick up the ball if you number is called, or grab the bone to steal the ball from the other team.
Red Light Green Light - when Ben 10's back is turned creep up on him to steal his treasure ball. If he see you, you have to freeze. If you move you go back to the begining.
Tails Chase - crepe paper tails are tied around each child's waist. kids have to jump on each other's but protect their own at the same time. No hands!
Ball Stomp - each child has a balloon tied around one ankle the last one with an un-burst balloon is the winner!

The Mummy Game - 2 kids wrap up their injured player - in toilet paper!
Water Bomb Toss - teams stand in pairs holding a towel - toss the water bombs down the conveyor belt of your team to the bucket at the end. How many can you collect - whole?
Giant Volley Ball - using our giant beach ball.

Wooden Ski Race - 2 kids stand on the wooden ski and walk left, right, left, right around the cone & back.
Fins Relay Race - don the swim fins and run (if you can) around the chair and back to your team.
Broken Pipe Line each team forms a continuous line with their broken tracks, now roll the balls down the line to your basket at the other end. If any fall out to bad!
Heads Up, Heads Down - lie on your front, then race to grab a stick for your team. Only there are not enought stick for everyone. If you don't get one you're out.