Princess Parties
Craft Activities
Making and Decorating Crowns, Wands, Masks and Knights Armlets
- all materials, sequins, glue & glitter provided
Nail polish & Shimmer Tattoo body art pens and Bead Bracelets

Colouring-in sheets

Fairy Ball chase - in your teams collect up all the fairy balls faster than the other team.
Magical Animal Tails - crepe paper tails tied around each child's waist. Children have to jump on each other's but protect their own at the same time. No hands!
Musical Twister - We'll have you tied up in knots!
Duck Duck Goose - circle game with stuffed toy - can you catch me before I sit in your seat?
Wicked Witch Stomp - each child has a balloon tied around an ankle. The last child to have theirs burst is the winner.

Musical Ballerinas - musical statues
Dust Ball Derby - in teams sweep up as many dust balls as you can into your basket.
Shrinking Slippers - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper. When the music stops they fold it in halve and balance on it.
Glide Like a Princess - walk across the room with a book on your head, without it falling off.

Magical Toes - Hop across the room, pick up a coin with magic ribbon and hop back to your team.
Ribbon Dance - Just like the gymnasts, twirl your 1.5m ribbon.
Musical Clouds - Musical chairs, but the continuous version - no one is out!
Can I cross the River? - Tag game.

Stuck in the Mud - Tag game.
Magic Bubble Painting - catch the bubbles on your paper and see what colour picture you can make.
Pass-the-Parcel - an old favorite (Please provide us with the parcel)