Pool Parties

Craft Activities
- Pirate hats & Eye Patches, Mermaid or Fish Masks
- all materials, sequins, glue & glitter provided
Shimmer Tattoo body art pens, Nail polish, Friendship Braceletts & Bead Bracelets

Colouring-in sheets

Diving For Coins - in the pool, how many can you pick up from the bottom
Canon Ball Chase - in the pool, dive in and collect up your teams ball into your basket or hula hoop.
Canon Ball Swim - collect up your teams ball into your hula hoop then swim with it across the pool, but don't let any balls escape
Marble Pick up - use your toes to pick up the marbles fromt he bottom of the pool.
Giant Volley Ball - one team in the pool throws the ball out, while the other team is on the side to prevent them.

Sword Toss - how far can you throw your sword - best out of three
Canon Ball Toss - using water bombs, toss & catch between your partner
Target Practice - in teams, using water pistols shoot down your target
Squirt Gun Relay - spray shaving foam on one team members t-shirt, use the squirt guns to clean him off!

Row Boat Relay Race - using the blow up rowing boats push your team mates across the pool.
Noodle Relay Race - 3 team mates hold onto a a noodle and swim it across the pool.
Gladiators - stand on a circle in the pool and use your noodle to push the other team member off their circle.
Peg chase - steal the other teams peg which are cliped to the back of their swim suit, but don't let your be stolen!

Shrinking Islands - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper. When the music stops they fold it in half and balance on it.
Hula Dancing - learn to hula dance.
Hula Hoop contest - how long can you hula hoop for.
Hula Hoop Relay Race - in teams hold and and pass the hoop down the line by placing it over your head, then step through it - don't break hands!