The day is here and the party is about to begin. Don't panic. Here are some here are some very basic guidelines on how to manage a typical two-hour kids' party. Be flexible and sensitive. All plans, including this one, need to be adapted to fit the mood of the partygoers.

00:00 - 00:20
Here come the Kids
Some will arrive early (and in Singapore some will arrive very late). Think of a simple game or craft activity as an icebreaker to get everyone involved the minute they arrive. This is a good time to explain any rule-of-the-house and to set the boundaries (e.g. which rooms are off limits, where the toilet is).

00:20 - 01:00
Time for Games
Party games should be age-appropriate and, if possible, non-competitive. Have a mixture of active games (to burn off energy) and quieter circle games to calm everyone down. Try not to bribe the kids with prizes, rather get them to focus on team work and having fun in the games. If you do have prizes keep them small with plenty for everyone. Plan more games than you'll have time to play. If one's a dud, just move on to the next.

01.00 - 01:20
Time for Food & Snacks
No matter how long or short you plan for food there will always be some kids that either don't eat or will finish quickly. It's a good idea to still have the craft activities available to keep them occupied while the other kids finish eating. Tattoos & face/nail painting are good fillers too!

01:20 - 01:45
More Games
This is a good time to do a treasure hunt - you can lay it out while the kids are distracted with eating.

01:45 - 01:55
Time For Cake
If you seperate the cake from the food then kids are more likely to eat the cake after having burn off more energy from the second batch of games.

01:55 - 02:00
Party Guest Pick-up Time
The party will be almost over at this point. Your job is to help locate coats and make sure each guest leaves with their party favors/goody bag.

Remember, young guests will be excited and mishaps may occur. Keep your sense of humor, and even if not every aspect of the party goes off as planned, the most important part is to enjoy the day as you celebrate with your child!

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