Jungle Explora / Dinosaur
Lion & Madagascar
or Diego

Craft Activities
Animal Crowns - elephant, tiger, leopard, zebra and giraffe
Lion Manes / Dinosaur Crowns
Colouring Sheets

Animal Tails - newspaper cutouts of leopards tied around each child's waist. Children have to jump on each other's but protect their own at the same time. No hands!
Snail's Trails treasure hunt - a jelly animal is hidden with a 5m silver string attached to so that younger ones can follow the trail.
Elephant Stomp - each child has a balloon tied around an ankle. The last child to have theirs burst is the winner.
Frozen Dinosaur Eggs - balloons filled with water and a small trinket then frozen. They have to be melted in the pool.

Robbot claw Relay Race - in teams, use the claw, crawl through the tunnel and pick up a ball.
Snake's Eggs Catch - with water balloons. They take a step backwards each time!
Creeping Lions - musical statues as animals
Red Light Green Light - when Alex's back is turned creep up on him to steal his treasure ball. If he see you, you have to freeze.

Dog & Bone - 2 teams face each other. You can only run to pick up the ball if you number is called, or grab the bone to steal the ball from the other team.
Egg Chase - in teams, race to collect up all your coloured ping-pong balls
Circle of Life - musical twister on coloured circles.
Crazy Ball Sweep - in teams sweep up your ball into your basket.
Shrinking Islands - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper When the music stops they fold it in half and balance on it.

Animal Safari - Diego will take you on a jungle trek to find his animal friends.
Egg Hunt - help Diego save the endangered Fishing Egal by collecting up their eggs so poachers can't steal them. There's a sweetie inside for you.


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