Harry Potter Party

Craft Activities

Making Magic Wands, Harry Potter colouring-in sheets, quizzes & mazes.


Sorting Hat Game - get sorted into the 4 houses at Hogwarts.
Quidditch Practice - 2 teams battle it out with broomsticks to score goals!
Flying Carpets - using towels teams pull each other long in a relay race.
Hagrid Stomp - each child has a balloon tied around one ankle the last one with an un-burst balloon is the winner!
Wyngardium Leviosa - in teams use your wand (straw) to score goals with your feather.
Shrinking Hogwarts - in pairs jump over your own island, when the music stops fold it in half & balance on it. Each time the music stop, your island gets smaller - no toes allowed on the floor!
Magic Dice Game - Roll a 6 and eat from a large bar of chocolate with a knife & fork!
Hogwarts Quiz - Find the hidden clues to answered the questions, to spell out a word

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