Glamour Girl / Disco / Teen Rock Star
Belly Dancing / HSM
Hawaiian Hula Girl or Grease

Craft Activities

Simple Glamour Girl make-up, Nail Varnish, Tattoos or Crazy pipe cleaner punk hair.

Craft Activities
Friendship Bracelets, Bead Bracelets or Safety Pin Bead Work
Making Pom Poms & blow Darts

Colouring-in sheets


Fashionesta - Best Dressed competion.
Cat Walk - Strut your stuff on the cat walk. Best pose competion.
Dance Crazy - Learn a dance routine to perform at the end of the party.
Cheerleading Routine - Learn a cheer routine to spell out birthday girl's name

Shrinking Islands - in pairs dance around you island, when the music stops fold it in half & balance on it. Each time it get smaller & smaller - No toes allowed on the floor!
Crazy Musical Chairs - the grown up version.
Karaoke - Singles or Group.
Name in Lights - Use your bodies to form the letters of the birthday girls name.

Limbo Rock - how low can you go?
Basket Ball Relay Race -
Musical Twister - we'll tie you up in knots!
Macarena, YMCA & Ketchup Song - disco dancing routines.

Hula Dancing - learn to hula dance.
Hula Hoop contest - how long can you hula hoop for?
Hula Hoop Relay Race - in teams hold and and pass the hoop down the line by placing it over your head, then step through it - don't break hands!

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