There is always so much to do but never enough time.

Organization is the key.

Keep our countdown handy to avoid any last-minute panics.

  • Select the party theme and venue.

  • Decide on the number of guests and make a list.

  • Print out and send our invitations.

  • Book the entertainer.

  • Decide on your helpers

  • Book the caterers.

  • Book the tables & chairs.

  • Order the cake.

  • Make the piņata.

  • Buy or make the decorations, balloons and props.

  • Buy the paper plates, cups, napkins and cutlery.

  • Make or buy the costume (we have a fantastic selection from which you can choose).

  • Plan the games and activities.

  • Make the 'games timeline' (see our games planner).

  • Choose the music.

  • Print out our placemats and get them laminated.

  • Buy any prizes, the party bags and party favours.

  • Buy the non-perishable ingredients for the food.

  • Buy all the drinks.

  • Print out our name cards and write on each child's name.

  • Print out our party banner.

  • Print out our party sign.

  • Prepare the games and all the props you will require.

  • Pre-pair the party bags.

  • Fill the piņata.

  • Wrap up the pass-the-parcel.

  • Buy all the perishable food

  • Organize a first aid kit.

  • Move the furniture around.

  • Set up the craft area.

  • Blow up the balloons and decorate your venue.

  • Put our party sign and some balloons on your gate or front door.

  • Set the table and lay out the food and drink.

  • Get the music ready.

Now relax and have a great party!

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