Chococlate Factory

Craft Activities
Charlie colouring sheets & quizes

Violet Beauregarde Chewing Game - how many glow worms can you stuff into your mouth with out swallowing or chewing!
Marshmallow Tower - using marshmallows & spaghetti build the tallest free standing Wonka factory.
Bobbing for Gobstoppers - apples are placed in a bowl of water and each team member has to eat one apple- but no hands! Then race back and tag your next team mate.
Musical Lollypops - like musical chairs, but with round lollypops of different colours. When the music stops how many Oompa-Loompas (kids) can stand on one sweet!

Oompa-Lumpa Relay Race - using chopsticks pick up a marshmallow and an onion ring, eat and then tag your next team mate.
Greedy Augustus Gloop Game - donuts are suspended on strings. Who can eat theirs the fastest - but no hands!
Shrinking Lollypops - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper. When the music stops they fold it in halve and balance on it.
Melon Seed relay Race - using a straw transfer melon seeds on the plate.
Chocolate Dice Game - roll a six and eat as much chocolate with a knife & fork before the next person rolls a six.

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