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Carnival Party

The party kicks off with a 2-3 minute performance from our Hoop Girl or Juggler, show casing their skills.
Our perfomrers will then procead to teach the kids how to hula hoop or juggle.

Equipment provided:
Hula hoops of different sizes & weights
Juggling Balls, Juggling Battons, Juggling Rings and Silk Scarves.

Hula Hoop contest - how long can you hula hoop for.
Hula Hoop Relay Race - in teams hold and and pass the hoop down the line by placing it over your head, then step through it - don't break hands!
Shrinking Islands - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper. When the music stops they fold it in half and balance on it.
Tunnel Ball - teams stand in a long line one infront of each other a pass the ball under their legs to the back, when the last memeber of the team runs the ball to the front of the line .

Juggler, Hoop Girl or Ring Master costumes

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