Download 'Mascot packages - booking form 2017' as a Microsoft Word document
Download 'Mascot packages - booking form 2017' as a PDF File
Download 'SHOWS Booking Form 2017'

Download 'Balloon Twister / Face Painting Booking Form 2017'
Download 'Decorations/Equipment ONLY Booking Form 2017'
Download 'T-Shirt Painting or Arty Party Booking Form 2017'
To make a booking please down load the above booking forms, fill and return together with the Deposit.
Or email back to us and arrange a transfer through DBS bank. Details on forms.

Deposit required is S$200.00; or full payment for decorations and/or equipment only bookings.
(please make 'crossed' cheques payable to 'Fantasy Parties' or make a transfer through DBS or OCBC - all details are on the forms.)

Please make bookings at least 2-3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
contact us for availability on:
t: +(65) 6467 0249
m: +(65) 8180 0240

To help your party run more smoothly, please provide us with the following:-

    1. Games Area
  • Please have a cleared area for games at least 3-5m square.

  • For outdoor parties, please also provide a cover area for games, just in case of rain or very hot weather.

    2. Sound System
    We provide our own speaker & iPod with all the party music on, plus the happy birthday songs.
    Our speaker is sufficience for a small to regular sized function rooms.
    For large rooms or a large crowds please contact us for alternatives.
  • For the $50.00 discount – please provide your own speaker & iPod with relevant party music & happy birthday song on for our use.
  • Please arrange for this to be close to the games area, not hidden in a corner with difficult access.
  • If this is at a club, please arrange for a cordless microphone too.

  • For out door parties we’ll need a power point.

    3. Tables & chairs
  • Please provide 2-3 tables for the craft activities for the children (alternatively children can sit on the floor).

  • Please place these to one side of the games area, or another area/room close by.

  • These can be low or regular sized tables.

  • These can be cleared after the 1st half hour, to double-up as eating tables.

    4. Time Lines
    Giant Bubble Party (1hr)
    @ 15 mins meet & greet, 30 mins Bubble Play Session (outdoors) 15 mins photo session & cake cutting

    Magical Bubble Show (45 mins)
    @ 30 mins set up time
    @ 45 mins show, 10 mins cake cutting ceremony

    Basic Package (1 hr)
    @ 1 hour of games only,
    including Cake Cutting in the last 10 minutes

    Standard Package (1.5 hrs)
    @ 30 minutes of craft activities
    @ followed by 1 hour of games, including Cake Cutting in the last 10 minutes

    Deluxe Package (2 hrs)
    @ 30 mins of craft activities
    @ 30/40 mins of games
    @ 15/10mins for snack/food break
    @ 30 mins of more games
    @ 10 mins for Cake Cutting

    Please Note:- All Giant bubble play sessions MUST be held outside on a rough surface or grass as the floor can get splippery.

      5. Swimming Parties / Survivor, Fear Factor Parties
    • Please advice children to bring their swimming costumes, towels and goggles.

    • Or wear old clothes & slippers.

    • We require a power point for the electric pump.

      • We entertain for a continuous period; any breaks are included in that time slot.

      • If you require us to entertain for a long period, please advise us so we can let you know the additional fee.

      • If your venue is a Club that requires a guest list for security reasons, please include our name too.

      • If you require the decoration to stay up long, please advise us so we can let you know the additional fee.

      6. Decorations Package

    • 1.5hrs-2 hrs to install all the decorations

    • including 30 colour co-ordinated metallic balloons (non helium)

    • 30-45 mins to take decorations down at the end of your party

    • Please note that all our decorations need to be fixed to walls or tied to columns, railing, pillars etc, as none are free standing.

    • We use masking tape, blue tack, pins/safety pins and/or string to fix decorations.

    • Please note that we cannot guarantee fixing of decoration on outside walls due to the humidity.

    • We can install hooks, but take no responsibility for their removal.

    • We can use carpet tape (cloth tape) to help hold on damp walls or in humid conditions if regular tape isn’t strong enough, however we will take no responsibility if the tape damages any surface.

    • We require a power point for our electric balloon pump.

    • Please provide us with a ladder tall enough to install your decorations and equipment.

      7. Outdoor Venues
    • Please note that paper or card decorations can not be use outside and only posters that have been hot laminated may be use.

    • We cannot substitute any card items with others – so this might reduce the number of your decorations.

    • The charge for any items damaged by water will be deducted from the deposit.

      8. Disco Equipment
    • Operating demonstration will be given.

    • All equipment to be operated by adults ONLY.

    • No children may touch or play with equipment

    We look forward to sharing with you, your joy at your special event!