1-4yr Old Parties

Welcome to our party page for Little Ones
Below you will find suitable games and activities for your birthday child and their friends.
These games will teach your ones their colours, help them to count and teach them the importance of sharing.

Craft Activities

Colouring sheets to suit your chosen theme, Tattoos, Fairy dust nail polish
plus one of the following;
Decorating Masks, Crowns/Tiaras or Animal Crowns with sequins, or making Wands.

Fairy Ball Chase - help catch and sort all the fairy balls into their corresponding coloured baskets
Musical Colours - like Musical chairs, but with coloured foam circles. This is the continuous version - no one is out! .
"Woof, Doggy Woof" - pass the dog to the music, when it stops whoever has the dog says "Woof, Woof" and takes a sweetie from the jar
Fairy Bounce - flap the parachute and make the fairies fly (balls).
Play Doughtastic - how many different shapes can you make & name?
Flapping Butterflies - can you make your butterfly fly across the floor?
Robot Claw Relay Race - use our robot claw or tongs to grabs balls from your teams basket.
Dust Ball Derby - help sweep up (cotton balls) into the corresponding coloured baskets.
Parachute Bounce - make the balls bounce in the parachute by flapping it.
Fishing for Pearls - in teams, using your fishing net, race to scoop up your pearls and bring back to your basket.
Treasure Hunt - brightly coloured plastic eggs are hidden with a sweetie inside for you to find.
Magic Bubble Painting - catch the bubbles on your paper and see what colours & patterns they make.

See Entertainers page for Games Masters costumes

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